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What A Great Day For A Birthday Right? Tell That To The Baby!

What a great day for a birthday right? Tell that to the baby! 🙂 Yesterday I went to the doctor and had my membranes stripped. That is supposed to help labor along but it doesn’t work all the time. It is really painful and even left me sore. I am not changed since my last visit. Still pretty thick cervix and only 1/2 cm dilated. I was sure I was more. So back to just waiting and it doesn’t look like anytime soon. 6 days left till my due date but now I’m feeling I’ll go past that.

I am trying to keep myself distracted. I cleaned the house (again) and tonight even though I don’t want to see anyone, a couple of friends are coming over to entertain me. Maybe it will help. [It really did!] I still haven’t had any contractions. I am feeling bigger and bigger. It’s like my body can’t take anymore. My back and basically my whole body is just holding on. I have been so concentrated on when I will go into labor and being prepared with stuff for the baby, that I lost focus on what it will be like when he is here. No matter what, he is coming and coming soon. Frank is playing golf this weekend for a friends bachelor party. I am jealous. I’m jealous that he can just escape it all and take a break and I can’t. God wasn’t very fair in this plan.

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