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Due Date Has Come And Gone

It is actually 3:30am on 4/20. I am usually awake at this time of morning. My due date has come and gone. We decided on my 4/18 doctors appointment to induce today. The baby is getting big and my doctor is on call on Thursday, 4/21. At my ob, there are 7 doctors that rotate being on-call. So that would be the due date then, 4/21/11. It is a very exciting, very scary time. Getting induced was actually something I really wanted to avoid. I guess it’s really easy to say in the beginning that you want things to go a certain way, but when you are actually in the moment, you can change your mind.

I’m in A LOT of pain all of the time. Getting up, sitting down, walking, laying down…it all hurts. I feel so sore from the inside out. Here is how I was told it will work: Frank and I will go to the hospital at 7pm tonight where they will give me something to help start my dilating over night. Then, I guess they check me in the morning and if I am looking good, they will break my water and see if contractions start. If not, it’s Pitocin. I’m scared because it’s not how I wanted my labor to go, but at this point I just want him here and out! I keep telling myself that this procedure is done every day.

I can’t believe that tomorrow evening I’ll be a mother! I went into work Monday but stayed home today (4/19). I was too uncomfortable to stay there any longer and everything was done anyways. Frank has been working from home the last couple days to be with me so it has been nice. We wanted to get out of the house for a little bit since this was our last night at home. We drove to get ice cream. On the way we talked about how we were feeling. We have talked a lot with each other about what is going through our minds at each stage but this conversation was a little different. We both decided the feeling was surreal. PS I got mint chocolate chip and the ice cream lady asked me if I was having twins. Grrrrr.

I haven’t had a single contraction since my fake out a week and a half ago but I still expected to go into labor at any minute. I guess I’m upset that I will be missing out on that moment by being induced. The moment of shock and excitement when the contractions come on, timing it, running around and making plans. I’ll be missing that fun step. But I am getting a piece of mind by having the time to make sure I’ll have every little thing ready…even though I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% ready. I want the whole world for him. I love him so much already! I can’t wait to see what he looks like and to hold him in my arms.

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