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The Birth

Yay! Finally I am sharing Carter’s birth story. Since I didn’t start this blog until Carter was 3 months old, I haven’t shared my birth story here yet. I did keep a pregnancy journal and am sharing a couple entries here. The first one is from 4/9/11. I had forgotten about how miserable I was! I really hated being pregnant from month 7 on. The second one was from 4/12/11 and my state of mind. The third one is from 4/20/11 early am the day before Carter was born and the fourth one is from 4/25/11 a couple days after the birth.

I was a little embarrassed of my birth story at first. I really wanted to avoid being induced and having the dreaded “pitocin” drug to speed along contractions but that ended up being my story. I was ashamed because I wanted to start off naturally and really enjoy the process. It wasn’t until recently that I decided “who cares? Carter is here, happy and healthy and that is all that matters. Side note- We didn’t name Carter until a couple minutes after he was born. Frank and I made a big deal out of wanting to keep the baby’s name a secret. Joke was on us because we couldn’t decide on a name so we didn’t even have a name to keep secret.

4/9/11  Still pregnant!

4/12/11 What a great day for a birthday right? Tell that to the baby!

4/20/11 Due date has come and gone

4/25/11 Finally, he is here! 

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