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Look Whose Walking! 11 Months

April 20, 2012

Carter is walking! He started taking his first steps about a 2 weeks ago and now he is off! He still has to stop and hold onto things every now and then and he still likes to crawl most of the time (it is still faster) but he IS walking. What a thrill! We were waiting for him to show signs he was ready, but it still took us by surprise. There was no build up. He was cruising (walking from couch to the coffee table) for months and then out of nowhere he needed to get somewhere out of reach and decided to take his first steps.

I no longer have a baby. Carter is turning one in two days and he is walking. What a big milestone this has been. It is so amazing to watch him learn by watching us. He is responding to things we are saying and it floors me. Again it is something I knew would happen but it still catches me by surprise. When I ask him to give me a kiss and he does, when I ask for him to hand me something and he does, when is I say “High 5 Carter” and he does, when I tell him “no” and he looks at me knowing he isn’t supposed to and still does :). I am a mother of a walking boy.

While I didn’t get Carter’s first steps on camera, I got his second steps! We followed him around with the camera for about 30 more minutes. See Carter’s second steps below.

As you can see he is very proud of himself. No turning back now!


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  1. Julissa Poueriet permalink
    April 24, 2012 2:01 am

    Que lindo!!

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