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Finding and Starting Daycare

April 12, 2012

Frank, Carter and I have been very blessed to have Amy in our lives. Amy has been watching Carter since he was 4 months old after I went back to work. The grandparents helped out too, but Amy watched Carter Monday- Thursday for the past 3 months. She has a little boy that is four months older than Carter named Tosh. It has been great having a playmate for Carter as well as having the great feeling of trusting the person who is watching your baby. That feeling is priceless. It was always in the plan to have Carter start daycare around the age of 1. We had been looking at daycares for a while and finally found one that we liked.

It is still terrifying having someone you don’t really know watch your child. Will they hug him enough? Will they be able to give him enough attention? Will he play well with the other babies? Will it be too much of an adjustment for him? Will he miss Amy and Tosh too much? These questions and more were circling around my head. The truth is that if you follow the recommend guidelines for choosing a daycare and    if you feel comfortable with the teachers then it will be fine. Your child is safe and that is most important. If you are interested in daycare, here are some helpful links below.

Tips on finding a good daycare:
Adjusting to daycare:
Benefits of daycare:

Also, my own tip to add is to figure out the things that are most important to you in a daycare. The thing I discovered quickly was not every daycare had everything I was looking for. The one that had everything was way out of my price range. Things like is there a no shoe policy in the infant room? Do they teach sign language? What is the teacher to child ratio? Are there webcams? Is there security?  Do they have a lot of outside playtime?

Then there are the questions of what is all included in the price. Formula? Food? Snacks? Do have to bring your own crib sheets or do they provide them? Burp cloths? Diapers? Wipes?

Finding a daycare is mentally and emotionally exhausting on both parents. Good luck with your search and I hope this helped!

LESSON LEARNED: Take your time looking for a daycare and do your research. If you are going to over analyze anything, it should be your childcare.

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