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First Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2012

I will never forget this day last year. I was extremely hormonal, very large, uncomfortable and swollen. Growing up I would watch my mom get annoyed with my dad when he didn’t get her the present she wanted for Valentine’s Day. I always thought it was the thought that counts and she should be happy he got her flowers even if they weren’t the kind of flowers that she wanted. Last Valentine’s Day I turned into my mom when my husband bought me this for a present.

It is called a hoodiefootie. It could be a fun idea if I wasn’t feeling like a swollen whale. He looked so genuinely excited that I felt bad so I agreed to put it on. It wouldn’t zip up and I looked like a fat, pink penguin. I hated him. I held it in for a day and then let loose that it was the worst present ever. This year I felt so bad for him that I told myself no matter what I would love whatever he got me. He did good! He handmade a picture frame with pictures of Carter and I and it says “To the loves of my life”. Plus chocolate and a card. It was the perfect gift! Thank you to my amazing husband!

Carter gave me a pretty awesome gift himself that made me get all teary-eyed. His amazing babysitter Amy had Carter do arts and crafts a couple days ago. She bought a piece of wood with a heart cut out and had Carter finger paint it. Then she put a picture of him in the heart making the art. She took some copper wire and twisted it so it could hang on a wall. It is so perfect!

Needless to say I had the two best Valentine’s and it was 100% better than last year! I am so lucky. I hope you all had a happy day too!

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