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9 Months Old

February 2, 2012

Dear Carter,

You are now 9 months old and on the move. You crawl so fast now it’s more like you’re crawl-running, and you don’t stop unless your sleeping. You haven’t started walking yet, but we practice every day. You are a curious baby. You like your toys but would be happier playing with my cell phone, the remote control, car keys, or just a piece of paper. Basically you love to play with anything you aren’t supposed to.

You are only saying “Mama” and “Dada” right now, but you make a lot of babble sounds and you love to yell. Your newest and favorite sound to make is “brum brum”. We aren’t 100% sure you know what “mama” and “dada” means as you say it for almost everything. It feels like we won the lottery the few times you say it when you look at us. You are a very happy baby overall, but recently have been extra clingy with me. You don’t like when I put you down or step out of the room. You like for me to be in your eyesight at all times and love to have your hands on my face. It is so sweet but can be frustrating at the same time. Also frustrating- when you turn into a different baby when it comes to either diaper changing time or teeth brushing time. I can easily break into a sweat trying to get a diaper on you. You are so strong and wiggley!

You now have six teeth. Your top four started coming in the day before Christmas and you have been in teething pain on and off since. But no more! I can see all your teeth when you smile that beautiful Carter Smile and laugh out loud. You are not a fan of having your top teeth brushed and I have to either hold you down or try and distract you. You are using these new teeth to try more solid foods. You like eating apples, puffs, and noodles the best. Speaking of your cute little mouth, you now have chubby cheeks! I just love to kiss them all day!

To our relief you have finally learned to sleep through the night! Every night after your bath, your daddy reads out loud while I feed you in the rocking chair and then put you to sleep. Right now we are reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m not sure you like it, but it sure does put you to sleep quick! You sleep until 6am when you come in and nurse with me and then go back to sleep with daddy while I get ready for work. You have turned into a great little sleeper.

You are the most adorable baby I have EVER seen and I am having so much fun being your mother. I am so grateful for you everyday. Thank you for being mine.


Mommy and Daddy

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