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Teething Biscuits and Frozen Bagels for Baby

January 2, 2012

When Carter first started teething, I reviewed different products to help relieve pain. He was still too young for teething biscuits or frozen bagels. Over the holidays Carter started teething his next set of teeth. The first round occurred when Carter was 5 months old and he got one bottom tooth and within a week he got his second bottom tooth. My poor baby has started his top teeth now and is getting, wait for it…FOUR teeth at the same time!

We used these biscuits, but I understand that they are all pretty much the same thing.

He loves them! They really satisfy his need to bite down. Carter started grinding his teeth together and it made the worst sound! The teething biscuits and Sofie helped with this. They are so messy though! I won’t give him one unless he is in his highchair with a bib on. I find little pieces of biscuits everywhere. In his ear, stuck in his hair, and even on his toes!

As for the frozen bagels, Carter likes these too but not as much as the biscuits. Make sure you get healthy bagels with low salt because they end up getting them all soggy and eating them. I gave him the mini bagels so he could hold on to them better. He doesn’t eat these as long; I think this is because they get warm really quick.

We are also still using the teething tablets. They are so great!

LESSON LEARNED: Teething biscuits are messy but provide relief for their little gums.

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  1. January 2, 2012 4:22 pm

    Have you considered a Baltic Amber teething necklace? My LO started teething early but didn’t cut a tooth until 8 months, and from that point was cutting a tooth every 2 weeks to the DAY. Once i bought an amber necklace for him, the pain seemed to be SO MUCH LESS and he was dealing with everything a LOT better. He went from screaming for a week straight, to it only really bothering him for one day or so. There’s lots of places online that sell them, i buy mine from They often go onsale, i got one for about $11.

    • January 2, 2012 10:04 pm

      Oh no I haven’t actually! I haven’t even heard of those! I am going to look into it asap. Anything that relieves his pain I am interested in. Thank you for suggesting!

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