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4 Pounds Left + The Truth About Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

December 19, 2011

I am so excited to say I officially have 4 lbs left to lose to reach my goal weight. I had planned on reaching my goal weight by New Years but as it is already the 19th, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. While I still could lose a pound or two before then, right now I am just happy with being so close! I promised my husband that when I was within 5 lbs of my goal weight I wouldn’t ever call myself fat again. I think it is pretty normal for women to feel fat even when they are anything but. I have been stuck at having 5 lbs left for almost a month and have kept my promise.

I am surprised that I have a whole different view of my body now post-pregnancy. I still want to lose more and become more toned, but I am truly amazed by my body. It created, grew, delivered and nourished life! My body created a person in just 9 months! In my mind, there won’t be a better definition of the word AMAZING.

I will no longer look at myself in the mirror and wish I had someone else’s hips. These hips moved to make room for my son to be born. My tummy could be tighter but after seeing how big my belly became, it is a wonder that it even looks like a stomach again. My fingers are still swollen and my wedding ring only fits when I force it, but the last 2 months of my pregnancy I had carpel tunnel and my fingers were tingly and numb 24/7.  I could go on but my point is that after having a baby I have a better appreciation for my body and I am happy in my own skin.

I read this great article this morning on BabyCenter. They surveyed 7,000 women on the truth about baby fat. Here are some highlights.

  • 61 % of new moms said they expected to be back down to their pre-pregnancy weight by their baby’s first birthday. A fifth of the surveyed mom’s with newborns 3 months old or younger said they already lost their baby weight.
  • 87% of women say their stomach still hasn’t returned to normal after one to two years after having their baby. Nearly half said their breasts are different now, and 37% said their hips are wider. (I’m in that category)
  • 43% of the moms gained more than the recommended limit of 35 pounds. (right here)
  • 67% of survey takers confessed that their body image has gotten worse since they became a mother. (It is easier to have a better take on my body now that it is 8 months later and I have lost almost all my weight gained. My body image when I was pregnant and up to 6 months after was depressing)
  • 45% of moms said they got negative comments on their post-baby body from their parents. (The only negative about being Cuban is that my family will tell it like it is for sure.)

Click here to read the whole article.

This is also a website I visited while I was pregnant to try and prepare myself for my new body. It is called The Shape of a Mother. Warning it is graphic!

LESSON LEARNED: After having a baby, you have a new appreciation for your body.

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