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Adorable Christmas Outfits for Baby Girls

December 14, 2011

While I found it difficult to find the perfect outfit for Carter for Christmas, I of course came across the most amazing outfits for baby girls for the holiday. Janie and Jack is my new favorite children’s clothing store for special occasions. You can see the outfit I chose here. Here are my choices for the best holiday outfits for baby girls under 1.

Infant Girls-

  1. Polka Dot dress- Janie and Jack on sale for $47
  2. Beige Sweater Dress- Target $15
  3. Plaid Hat- Janie and Jack on sale for $10.99
  4. Scarlet Bowtie Coat- Baby Gap– on sale for $40.99
  5. Foiled Dot Dress- Baby Gap– $39.95
  6. Plaid Silk Dress- Gymboree on sale for $29
  7. Faux Fur Cardigan- Gymboree on sale for $25
  8. Rosette Ballet Slippers- Old Navy– $10
  9. Ruffle Silver Ballet Flats- Carters -$15
  10. Holiday Deep Red Flower Headband- Etsy– $12.95

Stay tuned for baby boy outfits!

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