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Christmas Tree Shopping

December 7, 2011

I get overly excited around Christmas time. This is the one time of year I let color into my life. Everything in our house including my clothes is gray, beige, or black. I am a little color blind so I just stick with the basics. Anyways, I am the type of person who turns her house into a tacky holiday explosion. Think Santa Clause toilet seat cover with complimentary light-up gingerbread man soap dispenser. This year will be especially out of control as it will be Carter’s first Christmas.

It all starts with the tree shopping. Frank gets just as excited as I do. Since moving into our house 3 years ago, we have been going to a tree lot right down the street. Santa is there along with elves and you buy your tree at a candy cane stripped house. Pretty neat! You just have to say “Your prices are higher this year,” to get 10% off. I love a good discount! Frank, Carter and I hunted for the best one. We found one we liked and checked out with our 10% off at the candy cane stripped house.

When we set the tree up we realized the hole they drilled is a little crooked. Oh well, it leans towards the wall so I’m going to say it is more safe for Carter that way. I played with him on the floor while Frank set up the tree on the stand. Then we let Carter watch while we both hung the lights. There was a Harry Potter marathon on all weekend so we watched that in the background. There is something about Harry Potter that seems Christmasy. (not a word, but I like it.) Once our crooked tree was up with our multi-colored lights, it was up to me to put the ornaments on. The whole time Carter seemed interested, but only made one attempt to check out the tree.

Here are some awful phone pictures. (we asked Santa for a new camera for Christmas!)

And Done!

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