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And He’s Off!

November 23, 2011

Carter is officially a crawler! After about a week and a half of practice Carter has now graduated to a full on crawling baby! He looks so cute crawling towards one toy until he sees another toy and changes direction. Yesterday was the first day I picked him up after work and he crawled to me instead of me coming to pick him up. Ah so sweet. He came to me this time!

This new found skill has brought to light that our so called “baby-proofed” house is a joke. Carter has quickly pointed out hazards that we suprisingly didn’t think of. There is the fun stuff to try and pull himself up on like our TV stand with glass shelves, a mirror we have in our room leaned against the wall, unsturdy bookshelfs and plants.

There is also all the new stuff he can get to to put in his mouth. Yummy cords, my hair ties and bobby pins that I annoying leave everywhere, dvds, small stuff on shelves he can reach, it is endless! How did we seriously think we were ready for this?

I think I started backwards. I covered all the electrical outlets and started on locking the cabinets (I gotta say it is way more complicated than it looks) when I should have started by just being on the floor myself and searching for anything Carter would be able to grab if he could crawl to it. Don’t get me wrong we watch Carter closely when he is crawling around, but he is so fast! Or maybe it just seems fast since he has been stationary for the past 7 months.

The other morning I was getting ready and put him on on our bedroom floor with some toys and I simply stepped into the bathroom to throw something away, when I looked back he is across the room and pulling himself up on the TV stand. Looks like this long Thanksgiving weekend I will be baby proofing all over again.

LESSON LEARNED: To baby proof the most efficient way, start by sitting on the floor.

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  1. November 28, 2011 11:41 pm

    Just found your blog on TBB and I love it! Little Carter is just adorable!

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