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Dear Carter

November 16, 2011

My precious Carter,

You are almost 7 months old now and your daddy and I can’t believe how fast you have grown! You are doing so much on your own and are really becoming your own (very little) person! You are so much fun right now. You have been a smiler from day one but now you laugh out loud and giggle! It is so easy for mommy and daddy to make you squeal with laughter. We get you every time by grabbing the back of your thigh, pretending to sneeze, reading “5 Little Ducks” and making barking noises.

I’ve never seen a baby more determined and focused. You are anything but laid back. You don’t like to be left out and want to be in the center of attention. Unless you are sleeping, you are moving and discovering nonstop. You are figuring out your world right now and mommy and daddy love watching you learn. If you get stuck on something, you are determined to figure it out. If you don’t, you get frustrated but you keep trying.

You are quick to let us know if your unhappy in any way. When we figure out what’s wrong (usually dirty diaper, hungry, bored, need attention or tired) and fix it, you go back to being a perfectly content baby.

You are so strong too! You can pull yourself up and stand for long periods of time! You are sitting, rolling and learning to crawl. I swear you’ll be walking soon! I love the song you sing when you get tired, one long “ehhhhh.” You sing it when your about to go to sleep, usually when I’m reading you the last story of the night, Wynken, Blynken and Nod.

You are a social baby, sharing your big smiles with everyone. But you save your biggest smiles for us. When I pick you up after work I get the biggest and best smile. You start kicking and laughing and I just melt. I am so in love with you my little boy. You make my day every day. Daddy and I love you!


Mommy and Daddy

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