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Sitting Up On His Own!

November 14, 2011

My son has figured out how to sit up in his own! I am so proud of him. For months I have watched him struggle to sit up on his own. I have watched his chubby little cheeks turn red and listened to him whine in frustration. For a while, if I put him in the sitting position he would stay sitting up, but if he fell over, he couldn’t get himself back to sitting up. He would get so mad! He is a determined little baby! My heart melts a little when he sits up, looks at me with a big smile and then throws in a Carter giggle when I applaud him.

There are great things that come along with Carter being able to sit up on his own. His sense of accomplishment, not having to worry that he will fall over, being a step close to crawling etc. There is also a new challenge we discovered the last couple nights though.

Putting Carter to bed is usually hard work. On occasion it will be simple and Frank and I will get a break. Every time I think I have something figured out, there is a new challenge right around the corner. My old go-to of getting him to sleep was by simply putting him on his stomach. Then, he learned to roll over and my trick no longer worked. Up until a couple nights ago I have been using the fact that when I put him down tired, he will eventually go to sleep. With his new found ability to sit up, bedtime now consists of me laying Carter back down over and over after he sits up over and over. When he sits up, he just wants to play. It is a whole different view for him on bedtime. Bedtime struggle aside, I am so proud of Carter sitting up on his own! He is figuring his little body out!

LESSON LEARNED: The bedtime routine changes once your baby learns how to sit up.

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