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What Carter’s Eating

November 4, 2011

Carter is a little over six months old now. Since we didn’t start solid foods until he was about a week away from turning 6 months old, we are still in the fun stage of trying new foods. We have been slowly introducing new foods but I think he is almost ready to hit the ground running! It has been truly entertaining to watch Carter try all these different foods and see what he likes or dislikes a food. The dislikes are hilarious! He makes the funniest faces!

Exhibit A:


Here is what we have tried so far and Carter’s reviews:

  • Rice cereal- loves, but only when mixed with breastmilk.
  • Sweet Potatoes- loves.
  • Apples-disliked. Only tried once and I think the apple was too sweet.
  • Bananas-loves plain and mixed w rice cereal.
  • Pears- loves. His current favorite.
  • Carrots- loves.
  • Avocado- extremely dislikes.
  • Banana Yogurt- loves. Second favorite.
  • Chicken- not a fan.
  • Pumpkin-loves.
  • Turkey- dislikes. (see his face in the picture? I even tried to mix it with pumpkin. He still wasn’t a fan)

I will keep trying the ones he doesn’t like. I heard you should try at least 10 times before you rule a food out for a while. I also read this crazy article about putting different spices into baby food! Click here. Maybe a little later. I like the idea though.

Right now I am really enjoying making Carter’s food. I’m using the Beabe babycook and love it. Basically it allows you to steam fruits and/or veggies, then puree them so they become baby food mush. Also, when I make the food myself it lasts longer. The ones you by in jars, once you open it can only last 2-3 days. For the meats I am buying the jars. I am not trying to make meat mush thank you.

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