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Breastfeeding Plus New Teeth = OUCH!

October 25, 2011

Carter’s little tooth has been around for a week now with another one on its way. It hadn’t been causing me problems until yesterday. His first tooth, like most first baby teeth, came in on the bottom.

Because of how he sucks, his tongue usually is a barrier between his tooth and my nipple. Yesterday he was being a lazy eater and bit the crap out of my nipple. It was so bad I was scared to look down because I was sure he bit it off. Luckily it didn’t even cut the skin. Nipples are tuff! But it still really hurt! I assumed it would but I never heard anyone talk about that before. Probably because like the pain of labor, it is better to forget. It is just another sacrifice mother’s make. These are adding up quickly.

LESSON LEARNED: Breastfeeding when the first tooth comes in is very dangerous. The biting really hurts. I mean REALLY hurts!

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