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Moms Vacation

October 15, 2011

This weekend I will be taking a very mini vacation to New Orleans. It is my friend Anna’s bachelorette trip. It will be my first time so far away from Carter.

I’m going to miss him and worry about him so much. I’ve changed my mind a bunch of times but in the end decided to suck it up and go. It’s a 4 day trip and I’m only going for a day and a half of it. Besides, I know i’ll have fun once I’m there and Anna is the best. She went to NYC for my bachelorette trip.

One thing I’m not looking forward to is pumping. I have a connecting flight in ATL so I will have to pump either in the airplane bathroom or in the airport bathroom. I can’t decide which one will he cleaner. But I will have more privacy in the plane. Either way it will be GROSS.

Since I went to Charleston, SC for a bachelorette trip in August, I know that it will be a pain to go out, then have to leave everyone to go back to the hotel and pump. In some ways I am so ready to be finished breastfeeding!

I leave Saturday morning. Wish me luck! Oh and my husband will need some luck too. Carter is seriously hard work by yourself! You single parents deserve an award.

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