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Bedtime Routine

October 11, 2011


Everything I read says you need to establish a bedtime routine early on. Frank, Carter and I have been making a team effort to make this happen. Supposedly this routine needs to be established by 6 months. I have figured out that I was trying too hard to be strict with it and needed to relax a little because I started to drive myself mad. This is our new routine that seems to work.

Here is our routine:
Bathtime around 630- get clean then splash around a little.
Dry off, lotion up and put on PJs. Then it’s story time! This is my favorite part of the day. Carter lays in bed with Frank and I and we take turns reading to him. We start with the baby books, then when he is getting sleepy, we read The Hunger Games. It is one of my favorites and Frank hasn’t read it yet. It is always slow enough to our Carter to sleep.(Sometimes Frank too!)

Then we put him in his crib (he has been in his crib now for about a month and 1/2 since he moves around too much for his bassinet). Then we turn on his sound machine and he is out. This is all done by 730 or 8. Next up we turn on the monitor and let him sleep for round one.

Round two ding ding! This is when he wakes up about an hour later. We sing to him and pat his back. He usually goes back to sleep within a few mins. Then comes round three at around 12 or 1 when he screams and I take him in our bed and feed him. Then he sleeps with us until 630 am.

This is probably not how your supposed to do it, but it works for us. And most importantly, it works for Carter. Every baby is different and I recommend doing what they want. Carter just wants to sleep next to us.

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