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Visiting Daddy

October 6, 2011

Carter is still sick. 😦 His little nose is so runny! We battle with the snot sucker every day. Yesterday I took Carter with me to work for an hour (I work at Charlotte magazine) while he was asleep. Then he rode around with me while I delivered some magazines. Since Carter has been inside since late last week, I wanted him to get some fresh air. And maybe some new germs instead of all his sick germs in the house. We stopped by Frank’s work to visit for a few minutes. Carter loved seeing his daddy!

Frank enjoyed the break too. My husband does a bunch of nerdy website coding and video shoots for two local radio stations, 107.9 and WBT. We used to work together right before I became pregnant. Maybe my hormones knew I was going to need a break from Frank!- or he would need a break from me rather.

Anyways, Carter got to play around with his dad’s stuff and I got to take cute pictures! We also showed him off since it had been a while since he had been to the station. After that we headed home and both took a good nap!

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