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Soo Thirsty…(Dry Mouth Due to Breastfeeding)

September 30, 2011

When I was pregnant I was thirsty all the time. It seemed the farther along I was, the more water I needed. I would have to have two glasses of water at night by my bed when I woke up thirsty.

My thirst continued after Carter was born but it wasn’t as bad. About a month ago it went off the charts. I am literally never satisfied. I have finally figured out that breastfeeding causes dry mouth. So no matter how much water I drink, almost immediately my mouth is dry again. Right now I’m at 11 to 13 glasses of water a day! I’ll update if I find anything to make it go away. I’m going to the dentist too since that can cause teeth problems. Off to drink more water!

LESSON LEARNED: Breastfeeding causes dry mouth

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