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Video Monitor

September 12, 2011

I must admit when I first saw the baby video monitor on Kendra I thought it seemed unnecessary and just a thing that rich people have because they can. When I was about 8 months pregnant my mom took me to Once Upon a Child, a kids consignment store. We found a video monitor for only $30. In stores they can run from $75-$300 depending on the model. I told my mom the regular audio ones would do just fine, but my mom insisted and bought it for us.

It wasn’t until I had Carter that I understood the genius and necessity behind it. Once your healthy baby is born, all new moms are terrified of one thing—that their baby will stop breathing. Now that Carter can roll over I feel better, but can’t help but to still be scared that he will pull the blanket over his head and not be able to breath. We currently co-sleep, but Carter starts out in the bassinet since he goes to sleep so early. When he wakes up a couple hours later, he sleeps with us. Frank and I get a couple hours downstairs before we go to sleep. Being able to watch Carter sleep provides such peace of mind. I am sure that if I heard him cry and couldn’t see him I would think the worst. He fell out of his crib, he can’t breathe, his hand is caught on something, aliens have landed and are taking my son to run experiments on him—this is how my mind works.

Pretty soon we will start him sleeping in his crib in his room all night. Some parents have an easier time with this than others. I know I will have a tough time with it and am so glad that I have this monitor to be able to see him all night. Needless to say, I highly recommend video monitors. The picture is the one we have and it works great, here is the newer version- click here.

LESSON LEARNED: Video monitors will give you unbelievable peace of mind. MUST HAVE!

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