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Packing List For Our Beach Vacation

August 4, 2011

Getting ready to go on our first real vacation to Florida! We are flying and I am so scared about his little ears on the plane. But since there isn’t much I can do about that, I started the daunting task of packing for a 3 day trip with a 3 month old. Here is what I have packed for the little man.

      • 10 onsies
      • 1 outfit- shorts and shirt
      • 7 burp cloths (Carters a spitter)
      • 3 pajama dresses
      • 4 bibs
      • 2 pairs of socks
      • adorable tiny bathing suit and swim shirts (who cares that he isn’t actually going swimming)
      • Sun hat and matching flip flips (no he doesn’t need the flip flops but they came as a set and are soso cute!)
      • 2 travel bottles of bath wash
      • 1 travel bottle of lotion
      • diaper rash cream
      • bath towel
      • 1 diaper bag
      • A baby born carrier (we aren’t gonna mess with a stroller on the plane)
      • 1 carseat and base
      • 4 toys
    • 2 blankets
    • 2 pacifiers
    • breast pump with all parts
    • 3 bottles
    • boppy? Haven’t decided if there is enough room yet

I realized I have to calculate that he will spit up on, pee on and/ or poop on a good amount of what we’re packing. We are buying diapers, wipes and a beach umbrella when we get there. Lucky us we are visiting family and they have a pack-n-play and bouncer for us to use. Whew! What a crazy list! I need a vacation from packing-and i’m sure i’m still missing something! To the beach!

LESSON LEARNED: Not sure there is such a thing as over packing for a trip with a baby.

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