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3 Months Old!

July 21, 2011

Carter is 3 months old today! Man do they label those clothing sizes right, because up until a week ago he could still fit in all his newborn clothes and those tiny newborn diapers. Last week he hit a growth spurt and grew and inch overnight! You may doubt me, but trust.

He changed so much in length, and his facial features too! His head is larger, his hair line more prominent, and his face is fuller. It is strange how the second they are through a growth spurt, you realized they changed, but then immediately forget what what they looked like before. Growth spurts are something serious!

So what is in store for Carter this month? While all babies develop at different rates, according to, a 3 month old baby typically will be able to:

  • Recognize his father and mother out of a crowded room. -Check
  • Put weight on his legs and practice standing. -Check
  • Start swatting at toys. -Check
  • Sleep for 6 hours at night. -we usually only make it 4 or 5 but will go back to sleep after eating.
  • Take only 2 naps during the day. -According to the grandparents, he sleeps all day.
  • Start to laugh. -Check
  • Start to grab. -grabbed his toy purposely for the first time this morning!
  • Roll over. -can roll from front to back, but not from back to front yet.
  • Become more picky about who holds him. -right now he just likes to be held period. And never put down!
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