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Spaghetti + Baby

June 6, 2012


My Baby is 1! Carter’s First Birthday

April 25, 2012

When I look back over the 12 months, I have many different emotions. The biggest is success! For the first months of Carter’s life we really just tried to keep him alive. I laugh now at how many times I woke up from my precious sleep to make sure Carter was still breathing. Now 1 year later and I can happily say that he is still ALIVE! I can count that as our biggest accomplishment.

I guess you don’t realized just how hard raising an infant is when you are in the zone. I heard from multiple friends and family members that “It gets better after 1”. I didn’t understand that until now. It really was hard. Giving birth, was hard. No sleep was hard. Wanting to make the crying stop and not knowing how, worrying about how much milk he was getting, learning the teething game, the roller coaster of emotions on going back to work, all of these things were HARD. These last 12 months, plus the last 4 months of my pregnancy have been the most exciting, most terrifying, most exhausting, and most rewarding months of my life.

To now see that little baby that I worked so hard to create, start to respond to me and interact with me… well it blows my mind. Carter makes my day everyday. He is truly so much fun now! Here are his list of likes and dislikes at 12 months old.

At 1 year old Carter loves:

  • Being tickled
  •  Swinging on his swingset (birthday present!)
  • Giving wet kisses
  • Attention
  • Giving high-fives
  • Exploring
  • Pulling things out of things- draws, boxes, toys out of the bathtub etc.
  • Opening cabinets and draws
  • Dogs. Looking at pictures, seeing them in real life, when I make the dog sound…Carter. Loves. Dogs.
  • Making faces- He makes the BEST faces all the time.
  • Talking
  • Playing with things he isn’t supposed to
  • Eating in general
  • Reading- favorite book right now is “Dear Zoo”
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star video on Youtube:
  • TOYS
  • Cuddle time
  • Birthday cake

Carter dislikes:

  • Being told no
  • Having something taken away from him (sorry mommy’s phone is off limits)
  • Chunks of fruit
  • Being still
  • Having his teeth brushed
  • Being dropped off at daycare
  • Being quiet
  • Diaper changes

Here are some pictures from the birthday party! It was at our house and was supposed to be a backyard cookout from 1-3pm. It rained all night and day until about 1:30. It had gotten a little chilly, but stopped raining long enough for everyone to step out side for a little bit and check out our new fence that Frank worked so hard on. But mainly the party was inside and in the garage. It didn’t happen as planned, but it was still a blast!

We made a ball pit with an inflatable pool and some beach balls, sports balls we got at the dollar store and plastic balls we got at Target.

smashing the cake

Both sides of the family

Everyone but Frank, who took the picture

The cake! My friend Amber made this for us

It took him a minute to figure out what to do with the cake

First bites of birthday cake

Look Whose Walking! 11 Months

April 20, 2012

Carter is walking! He started taking his first steps about a 2 weeks ago and now he is off! He still has to stop and hold onto things every now and then and he still likes to crawl most of the time (it is still faster) but he IS walking. What a thrill! We were waiting for him to show signs he was ready, but it still took us by surprise. There was no build up. He was cruising (walking from couch to the coffee table) for months and then out of nowhere he needed to get somewhere out of reach and decided to take his first steps.

I no longer have a baby. Carter is turning one in two days and he is walking. What a big milestone this has been. It is so amazing to watch him learn by watching us. He is responding to things we are saying and it floors me. Again it is something I knew would happen but it still catches me by surprise. When I ask him to give me a kiss and he does, when I ask for him to hand me something and he does, when is I say “High 5 Carter” and he does, when I tell him “no” and he looks at me knowing he isn’t supposed to and still does :). I am a mother of a walking boy.

While I didn’t get Carter’s first steps on camera, I got his second steps! We followed him around with the camera for about 30 more minutes. See Carter’s second steps below.

As you can see he is very proud of himself. No turning back now!


Finding and Starting Daycare

April 12, 2012

Frank, Carter and I have been very blessed to have Amy in our lives. Amy has been watching Carter since he was 4 months old after I went back to work. The grandparents helped out too, but Amy watched Carter Monday- Thursday for the past 3 months. She has a little boy that is four months older than Carter named Tosh. It has been great having a playmate for Carter as well as having the great feeling of trusting the person who is watching your baby. That feeling is priceless. It was always in the plan to have Carter start daycare around the age of 1. We had been looking at daycares for a while and finally found one that we liked.

It is still terrifying having someone you don’t really know watch your child. Will they hug him enough? Will they be able to give him enough attention? Will he play well with the other babies? Will it be too much of an adjustment for him? Will he miss Amy and Tosh too much? These questions and more were circling around my head. The truth is that if you follow the recommend guidelines for choosing a daycare and    if you feel comfortable with the teachers then it will be fine. Your child is safe and that is most important. If you are interested in daycare, here are some helpful links below.

Tips on finding a good daycare:
Adjusting to daycare:
Benefits of daycare:

Also, my own tip to add is to figure out the things that are most important to you in a daycare. The thing I discovered quickly was not every daycare had everything I was looking for. The one that had everything was way out of my price range. Things like is there a no shoe policy in the infant room? Do they teach sign language? What is the teacher to child ratio? Are there webcams? Is there security?  Do they have a lot of outside playtime?

Then there are the questions of what is all included in the price. Formula? Food? Snacks? Do have to bring your own crib sheets or do they provide them? Burp cloths? Diapers? Wipes?

Finding a daycare is mentally and emotionally exhausting on both parents. Good luck with your search and I hope this helped!

LESSON LEARNED: Take your time looking for a daycare and do your research. If you are going to over analyze anything, it should be your childcare.

The Wilson Fence Project

April 5, 2012

We are finally getting a fence! We have had plans to put a fence up ever since we bought our house 3 years ago. We had laid out plans, marked the spots with string and even had my brother drive up from Florida with tools. Something always happened to hinder the process. So when Frank said he was planning on putting up a fence this past weekend to make sure we had a fence by Carter’s birthday party I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I didn’t even get excited when I saw a pile of wood in our driveway. But true to his word, my amazing husband woke up at 7am on Saturday and Sunday and starting building the Wilson Fence. All the posts are up as well as the vertical pieces and the gates. The only thing left is to put up the boards this upcoming weekend. I can see it starting to take shape and I am so excited! Here are some pictures. Stay tuned for the finished project!

Posts up

Had to move the giant rocks!

Carter helped

Baby Weight Gone!

April 5, 2012

I had a stubborn 4 lbs left to lose for months. When I finally lost all of my baby weight I was surprised that my body didn’t look like it did before. I don’t know why I expected my stomach to spring back after being stretched to the max. I knew my regular exercise program wasn’t going to cut it. My husband and I both started P90X. I’m sure almost everyone is familiar because of all of their infomercials, but just in case, it is a workout program where basically you work out for an hour and a half 6 days a week for 90 days-12 weeks. It is the most awful, wonderful program. We have made it to week 7 of the program so far. I didn’t want to announce that I had started the program because to be honest I wasn’t sure I could stick with it.

We have both been pretty strict with the program so far and are seeing the results. My body still isn’t where it was, but I am a lot closer. I feel better, my clothes fit better, and I can walk up the stairs at my work without getting winded. I notice when I bend down to pick up Carter it is easier. 5 more weeks to go. I would love to get back into a bikini one day…

LESSON LEARNED: Your body will look different even after you lose all your baby weight. Unless you have amazing genes; in which case, I’m jealous.

Carter’s First Birthday Invitations

March 26, 2012

We have ordered Carter’s first birthday invitations! My friend Lindsay is amazingly creative and came up with this invite below.

By the way, Lindsay does a lot of stuff with her company Coco and Bubbles. Make sure you check her out on Etsy to see all her products including candles, invitations and prints like this adorable one below.